giovedì 28 marzo 2013

Rollei R80S

The Rollei R80S is a very interesting and promising film, however I found also that it is a difficult film, especially in the shadows. I have seen many articles on the internet, however they  accounted mostly for very artsy results. My interest however is to be able to use this film as a high-fidelity film, since it appears to have potential for excellent tonal rendition and separation coupled with an incredible resolution and grain structure.

Current attempts use Karl Bielser suggestion to use Studional, alias Rodinal Special, alias R09 Special diluted 1+30 and developed 8 minutes in tank.
This combination improves the shadows a lot, I rate the exposure at 50/18° ISO.

Here an example from a 35mm frame, Leica M6, Elmar 50/2.8
The tonal range looks exemplar to me. More to come.