martedì 18 agosto 2015

In Jena with a Contax and SuperPan 200

Here some images in Jena, sadly there was bad weather. Overcast, sometimes rainy, not the best weather.

Film: SuperPan 200, developed in Studional (Rodinal Special) 1+30, 20°C, 8' 30"
Came out perhaps a bit thin, but still usable.

The film is interesting: modern, clear PET support. Reasonable easy to process, I would consider this a good film. The grain is evident, but still the resolution is very high, almost as a 100/21° ISO film, although the grain is more noticeable, but very compact and sharp.
The tonal range is wide and works well both in the shadow and in the hightlights.

What camera? What best tribute could I bring to Jena? A Zeiss Ikon Contax III (pre-war of course) and its vintage Zeiss Jena Tessar 5cm/3.5 . A return home for the lens after 80 years?
Wonderful camera, nice lens. A bit soft when open, as can be expected by such a veteran!

Here, some views in subdued light. The tones are quite good I think.
The tombstone of the master Carl Zeiss and the monument of the great Ernst Abbe.

An image in the morning sun shows how well details are still captured in the glass windows, proving that the SP200 is easier to handle than R80S and ATP.

venerdì 27 marzo 2015

Toscolano (Acros and Studional)

A warm winter Sunday on the Garda Lake.
The soft winter sun works wonder on the old stones.
I worked with my Exakta VX and the Biotar and Triotar are gentle but sharp too. Look below how they worked on the century old stones!

Film: Acros - 100
Development 16', 30 sec continues, then every 1'30", 20C in Studional (Alias Rodinal Special) 1+30

The results are very good: Rich shadows, not too much contrast either, easy to scan.

Here the Meyer Optik Triotar 100/2.8 at work:

And here the magnificent 58/2.8 at work.

I cite the quality of the lenses because the beauty of this century old stone carving is out of question.

martedì 20 gennaio 2015

Gromo & Ardesio (PanF, Rodinal)

120 rollfilm Pan-F Rodinal 1+50, 11" 22°C, agitation every 2nd minute. Little agitation temperature 2°C more than standard.

The result came out nice and balanced, good highlight and shadow detail.

Here a shot of Gromo's famous slate roofs.

Here some shots in Ardesio instead. Same Film/Developer, same day.
The dynamic range is astonishing, shadow detail up to highlight details (clouds) are visible.

For the curios, the camera was a Rolleiflex SL66