venerdì 27 marzo 2015

Toscolano (Acros and Studional)

A warm winter Sunday on the Garda Lake.
The soft winter sun works wonder on the old stones.
I worked with my Exakta VX and the Biotar and Triotar are gentle but sharp too. Look below how they worked on the century old stones!

Film: Acros - 100
Development 16', 30 sec continues, then every 1'30", 20C in Studional (Alias Rodinal Special) 1+30

The results are very good: Rich shadows, not too much contrast either, easy to scan.

Here the Meyer Optik Triotar 100/2.8 at work:

And here the magnificent 58/2.8 at work.

I cite the quality of the lenses because the beauty of this century old stone carving is out of question.

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