martedì 25 giugno 2013

R80S Stand

My first experiment about Stand development with normal film rolls. Previously, I did it only with sheet film and alternating results.

Film: R80S, 35mm. Exposed 50/18° ISO
Development technique: Rodinal 1+100, agitation for the first 30", then 1hour full stand
Subjects: Shots in sun and shadows of a bright, sunny day with strong contrasts

The results seem very promising!

Bergamo, Santa maria Maggiore. Rollei SL35, Distagon 35/2.8

I think the image speaks by itself when I speak about highlight detail (sky) and shadow detail (framing arch). Rollei R80S is a difficult film in the shadows, so it a good test.

You can buy this image as fine art print on Fine Art America; available also framed, as home-decor and even bags and pouches!

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