venerdì 21 giugno 2013

Rollei R80S - Studional agitation experiments

Development in Rodinal Special or Studional, 1+30, 8'30"

First 30 seconds, continuous. Then agitate (3 inversions) every second minute, with the other minute giving just a slight swirl to the tank. Except the first minute, where I agitate.

In other words:
Then at 1', agitate
At 2', agitate
then, the next minute, just give a slight swirl at 3', then agitate again at 4' and so on.

I think the results are less harsh and show better depth in the shadows, it looks quite promising. Eposed, as usual at 50/18° ISO

Lovere, Zeiss pre-war Super-Ikonta Tessar 80/2.8

Also when the clouds covered the sun, the Film retains a remarkable depth in tones. Look at how well the clouds retained texture (no filters, no post-processing) and the shadows retain detail: look at the windows and arches.

Lovere, Zeiss pre-war Super-Ikonta Tessar 80/2.8 

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